Agile vs Waterfall. Which one is the best?

Waterfall is the common word among Project Managers, most of the projects are implemented using this methodology, some of the most well-known is the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) - Project Management Institute (PMI) from USA. There is also PRINCE2 from UK. Until “Agile” become trending in these couple of years.

Most of you might already heard about “Agile” word that currently trending in Startup company even in the Project Managers community itself, especially in the IT industry.
Some of you might also wondering what is the difference between Waterfall and Agile, what is the best to use?
Some of my friends told me that PMP from PMI or even PRINCE2 is no longer being used, and someday it will die. Waterfall approach is no longer applicable to handle the fast-paced environment.  Even some of them saying SCRUM (one of the methods in Agile) is the best. They keep “advertising” that Project Manager role is not relevant anymore.What do you guys think about it???? Is that true???
From my point of view there is no right or wrong for a knowledge, everything is good as long as we know how to use it correctly, for example: A knife, it become a useful tool when being used by a chef, but it can be also a harmful tool when someone bad using it for robbery or stabbing someone.
So based on this, I learn more about Agile itself and decided to take the certification. Agile is more focus on the customer happiness and team happiness, when we learn more about Agile then we will also realize that Agile also has a deep relation to our real life when it comes to Inspect and Adapt, Respect, Humble and Empowerment to the team member. You can’t master it within one hour or one day. Continuous improvement in constant pace will help us to understand more.
For me Agile is wider knowledge that still need to be learned. From my perspective both Agile and Waterfall are good to be used for Project Manager, which one to be used depends on the needs based on the project itself.
Written by: Tony, MM, PMP, PMI-ACP
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