The Thrilling Enjoyment of SYMEX 2022

The Thrilling Enjoyment of SYMEX 2022

The biggest international symposium & exhibition on project management in Indonesia, SYMEX has finally been over. This 3-day event that was organized by PMI Indonesia Chapter were held on 4-6 October 2022 and have invited many project management fellows to join the event and get in touch with each other while at the same time keeping up with the development of the project management realm from all around the world. They will spend one day on an online conference and 2 days of on-site conferences at the Grand Pullman Hotel in Bandung.

SYMEX 2022 invited many famous and capable project management experts and practitioners to share their thoughts and experiences with the participants. Amongst them, there are Armand Hermawan Director of Indosat, PMI BOD Anca Slusanchi, Americo Pinto from PMO Global Alliance, Silvia Halim from MRT Jakarta, Professor Eddie Obeng from Henley Business School, Nick Fewings from Ngagementworks, and many others. All of them really gave nuances from their own expertise. In three days, we have got a concrete comprehension of several issues such as the future of project management, the importance of being agile today, how to improve our leadership qualities, and so on and so forth.

Avenew also took part in this festive & insightful event. We are very proud to have sponsored this event as this is a huge opportunity for the project management actors and enthusiasts from Indonesia and abroad to gather around and share experiences with one another. This is a splendid milestone for Indonesian project management.

Avenew also opened a booth to showcase our projects and portfolios to the conference’s participants and bystanders. Our booth never ran out of joy and excitement. We cordially invited many people to our booth to not only found out about ourselves and what we have done but also to play several simple, thrilling yet thoughtful games such as Snake & Ladder and Bad Dog. Most of our visitors were having their time at our booth.

On the second day, an announcement to decide on the “Project of the Year Award” winner was announced. In the end, we walked in triumph for winning Project of The Year (POTY) Award Category B - Engineering & Construction with the budget category of $50,000 - $500,000. We are so humbled and grateful for the recognition. This award hallmarked our hard work to give the best for our clients and partners. We will not stop developing ourselves and innovating our services for the best of our client’s projects.

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